Best Web Hosting

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A lot has changed the past few years with web hosting. Niche providers, like WP Engine, are now providing a tailored experience for the primary software you’re using – from Drupal to WordPress.

With that said, there are clearly a handful of best web hosting providers in 2020.

Here are our recommendations:

Bluehost Logo


Bluehost is the most affordable and is one of the most well known hosting providers. They provide a variety of standard hosting plans including:

Beginners will appreciate Bluehost’s low price point and simplified backend. Bluehost is also officially recommended by, the non-profit that powers over 30% of the web.

InMotion Hosting Logo

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has the most offerings and is a US-based web hosting company. You’ve likely heard of them; they have been around since 2001. They offer:

InMotion is great if you need a VPS or Dedicated Server. They offer excellent hardware and top-notch technical support.

Liquid Web Logo

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is best for enterprise. We actually use them to host this website. They’re based in the United States but recently opened a data center in Amsterdam so they’re also a great choice if you’re in Europe.

Liquid Web definitely isn’t the cheapest option out there, they’re an excellent option if you’re looking for a robust solution.